About the Office of Residential Life

In cooperation with the academic mission of the college, the Office of Residential Life is committed to creating and maintaining an inclusive residential environment that is dedicated to the development of the whole student.

The residential life staff strives to provide a safe, comfortable, and educational space. All members of the community are invited to engage in formal and informal dialogue and programming efforts complementary and tangential to the in-class pursuit. Members of the Office of Residential Life serve as advocates for students through advising, counseling, and acting as a conduit for the maintenance of the physical environment. The staff values empowering and equipping students to become leaders on campus and beyond.

The Residential Operations Center (commonly referred to as the ROC is located in back of Josselyn, by the tennis courts) performs a range of services for students living in the residential houses as well as the apartment areas. Some of the services include: lockouts, imputing and tracking of service requests, residential furniture management. The attendants also perform daily rounds of each residential house. Attendants check for damages or emergency repairs throughout each house. Attendants inventory furniture located in common areas and contract with outside vendors when repairs are needed. ROC attendants are required to inspect student’s rooms before their arrival to campus in the fall, at the end of the Spring semester, and whenever a student changes rooms.  The ROC also performs Health and Safety inspections throughout the year to ensure that the college operates within New York State Fire code regulations. The attendants work in conjunction with the apartment managers whenever needed.

Residential life at Vassar provides students with a living and learning environment that supports the academic experience. We accomplish this goal by working cooperatively with our faculty in residence and student leaders in providing social, educational, and cultural opportunities in the Houses.

The Houses at Vassar are as diversified as the students who live within them. Each building takes on a character of its own. This can be seen not only in the diversity of their architecture, but also in the people who reside in these buildings. You will become a part of a community unlike any you have ever experienced before. As a student, you will hear your House called everything from a dorm to a hall to a building. Our hope is that you will be comfortable enough in your surroundings after a while to call where you live your home!