Housing at Vassar

Nine traditional Houses (Main, Strong, Raymond, Davison, Lathrop, Jewett, Josselyn, Cushing and Noyes) house the majority of the freshmen, sophomores, and juniors on campus. Accommodating between 170 and 350 students, each house has a separate and unique personality that drives community development. An active in-house leadership team consisting of faculty, administrators, and students largely directs community, in any given house. The fourteen House Fellows are faculty members (and their families) who live within the houses and take part in house programming, leadership, and informal advising. The five House Advisors are live-in professional administrators who all hold master’s degrees and oversee the building management, student leadership, and overall educational endeavors for two houses. The student leadership in the Houses is comprised of many positions that serve the different needs of students.

Apartment style accommodations are also available. All such units are represented by a set of student officers and managers. The Terrace Apartments (246 residents), the Town Houses (250 residents), and the South Commons (45 residents) house a majority of the senior class in four or five bedroom apartments. Students who wish to live off campus or to make other special accommodations must acquire approval through the Office of Residential Life.

Student rooms are furnished with basic needs (bed, dresser, and desk). An Ethernet connection is in each student’s room, and computer clusters for general use are in all houses. Houses also offer kitchen facilities, multipurpose rooms, television rooms, and other amenities.

Students are expected to care for their own rooms and to follow all guidelines governing on-campus housing. Houses are closed during winter break, spring break, and summer session. Noyes House, however, is designated to accommodate small numbers of students staying during each interim. The apartment style housing is open during winter and spring breaks.

Residence Halls

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