Noyes House

Noyes House exterior
The lounge in Noyes has been called the Jetsons’ Lounge by generations of Vassar students because of its futuristic ambiance. Designed by Eero Saarinen and built in 1958, Noyes House was the last residence hall to be built. Along with Ferry House (designed by Marcel Breuer and built in 1951), Noyes represents a distinctly modernist departure from the Victorian and Edwardian styles of the other residence halls.

The curved building encircles a large green, fondly called “Noyes Circle.” Noyes Circle has been the site for many different student activities, some official and some not so official, ranging from the first field day ever held at a women’s college in 1895 to a “nude-in” held by students in the early ‘70s. Currently, the circle is the home turf for Vassar’s Ultimate Frisbee teams.

Noyes currently houses 178 students and two house fellows and their families. It is the residence of choice for international students because it remains open during school breaks and vacations.

Noyes House dorm room
Noyes House common area