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Emergencies, Evacuations, and Drills

In ANY emergency, call Campus Security by dialing x7333 from any campus phone or (845) 437-7333.
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Ignoring evacuation procedures, placing false alarms, interfering with fire alarm or other alarm systems, tampering with or removing bells, horns, strobes, fire hoses, extinguishers, and fire-fighting equipment are prohibited and a violation of the fire code. Violators may bear the cost of inspecting, recharging, repairing, and replacing the equipment. Tampering with life-safety systems poses a direct threat to each resident and is thus subject to disciplinary action, including the possibility of eviction and criminal prosecution.

Residents should not leave personal belongings in the hallways as it may obstruct exit routes in the event of an emergency. All belongings left in hallways will be considered trash and discarded. Students are responsible for their guests’/visitors’ safety and behavior.

Students should prepare themselves for any emergency by familiarizing themselves with evacuation and shelter in place procedures, routes and locations ahead of time.

Fire Emergencies

In case of fire, follow procedures below:

Know the location of alternate means of exit.

Know those procedures posted throughout the building.

Know the location of alarm pull stations, usually near an exit. Fire extinguishers are strategically placed throughout the building.

Always keep fire doors closed. Keeping them propped open will permit passage of toxic gasses, fumes, and smoke.

Do not obscure vision through fire doors by hanging signs, posters, or notices on fire door windows.

Report vandalism of all fire equipment to Campus Security or the ROC.

On Discovering a Fire:

Notify persons in the immediate vicinity.

Leave immediately.  

Pull the fire alarm, then call x7333 on a campus phone located in a safe area.

Close all doors as you leave.

Do not use elevators.

Vacate the building. Evacuate through fire exit stairways and wait for instructions.

When the Alarm Sounds:    

Awaken roommates, inform them of the alarm and leave immediately.

Be prepared to take directions from your building staff, fire and police personnel.

Dress appropriately for the outside weather, as you will need to leave the building and wait in a remote location before being admitted back inside. Shoes and a coat are essential. Take your keys and Vassar ID card.

Vacate the building and stand 25 feet away.

Do not use elevators.

After a Fire:

All fires, no matter how small, should be reported to Campus Security.

Evacuation Drills:

Evacuation drills are held to educate and prepare residents to follow safety procedures. Drills are required by the fire code and are scheduled to comply with this code.

Fire code requires that residents leave their rooms during emergency drills.

Failure to evacuate when requested, or to follow other instructions by emergency personnel may result in disciplinary action and criminal prosecution.

Emergency “Shelter in Place” Procedures:

Shelter procedures are initiated by the Campus Emergency Alarm

Instructions will be communicated by cell phone and by appropriate administrators of the college

In a shelter procedure, you will remain in the building shelter location

Remain in the building. The entrance to the building will be closed and no one will be allowed to enter or exit.

Your will be allowed to exit the shelter only when an announcement has been made that the emergency is over.